Roll of blue, gold and terracotta rose wallpaper on non-woven vellum. Design - Eva by Pearl and Maude

The Power of Wallpaper Samples ~ Transform Your Home with Confidence

A roll of Pearl & Maude's abstract botanical Carmen prepasted wallpaper in clay pink, white and grey


~ Bring your walls to life ~

Discover the magic of wallpaper samples and why you shouldn’t skip them.


Choosing the perfect wallpaper for your home can be an intimidating task. With a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns to choose from, making a decision can seem daunting. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to help make the process easier: order wallpaper samples before making a decision.

Pearl & Maude has developed new wallpaper samples and frankly, we think we’ve done a really good job creating these! So today, we’re here to tell you a little about them and why purchasing wallpaper samples prior to buying rolls is important.

Periwinkle organic striped wallpaper for designing with striped walls in your home. Pearl and Maude

Decorating with Striped Walls for Maximalist Design Impact

Periwinkle organic striped wallpaper for designing with striped walls in your home. Pearl and Maude



~ Decorating with striped walls? ~

Check out our organic striped wallpapers that add character and depth to the classic striped wall.

Traditional stripes – they’re a paradox: equal widths of contrasting colors, simple designs with energetic effect, elegantly classic but with a bit of carnival imagery thrown in. They’re kind of everything and nothing, all at once. Decorating with striped walls can be different for everyone.

We adore stripes for all of their complexity. Their tailored structure brings organization to any space and they’re so ripe for interpretation!

We’ve redefined the traditional stripe with swirling, fluctuating and complex designs that add oodles of character to a classic room. We offer three stripe patterns in particular: Elizabeth is our undulating, organic pretty girl, Charlie, our wild child who melds Renaissance florets with pavilion stripes in a contemporary repeat pattern, and Lou. I’m not even sure how to describe Lou. He’s kind of the guy who brings mushrooms to the yacht party.

Read on for more info on each of our striped wallpapers.

Pearl & Maude's abstract botanical Carmen nonwoven vellum wallpaper in moss green, white and grey installed in a beautiful living room with white and brass furniture.

Design A Garden Room with Contemporary Floral Wallpaper

Pearl & Maude's abstract botanical Carmen nonwoven vellum wallpaper in moss green, white and grey installed in a beautiful living room with white and brass furniture.~ Design A Garden Room with Contemporary Floral Wallpaper ~


Floral wallpaper is a classic design element that we love to use to create secret garden – a modern twist on the classic concept of bringing the outside, inside.


For centuries, people have built conservatories and indoor gardens as a way of enjoying nature even in inclement weather. Our concept of a garden room uses one of our contemporary floral wallpapers to riff on this idea.

Conservatories originated in the 16th century as a way to protect delicate plants and flowers from harsh weather conditions. They evolved over time, becoming more elaborate and ornate, and became a symbol of wealth and status in the 19th century when they became more common in the homes of the wealthy.

Santa Baby Christmas Ornament Cluster is used for table top decor

Pasadena Holiday Lookin Home Tour and Boutique

Santa Baby Christmas Ornament Cluster is used for table top decor~ Pasadena Holiday Lookin Home Tour and Boutique ~

December 3-4, 2022

Boutique: Scottish Rite Center

150 N. Madison Avenue, Pasadena

9 am – 5 pm

Pearl & Maude is going home! Come join us on December 3 and 4 for the 55th Annual Pasadena Holiday Lookin Home Tour and Boutique. This enormously popular event has become a community celebration, offering visitors a chance to view four historic homes in Pasadena, decorated for the holiday season by prominent floral designers. Enjoy a feast for the eyes and ears as you leisurely stroll through the homes and gardens while docents point out interesting features and musicians provide holiday music in the background.

Then come visit Pearl & Maude at the Holiday Look In Boutique where you can mingle with friends and check off some of your Christmas shopping list. I’m so excited to be vending along-side some of Pasadena’s finest retailers.


Brewery Artwalk Open Studios are Back!

~ The Brewery Artwalk Open Studios are Back ~ I'm delighted to announce the 40th ANNIVERSARY of THE BREWERY ARTWALK OPEN STUDIOS at the world's largest art complex. After two years of lock-downs, come out to support the arts! Saturday & Sunday, April 9th & 10th… 11am to 6pm on both days. It’s a great way to look at, buy, and celebrate art. North East of Downtown Los Angeles, off the I-5 freeway at the Main St. exit. Learn more about the Brewery Artwalk here. Find Pearl & Maude in the studio of Teale Hatheway. Please note: the Rosebowl Flea Market is Sunday, April 10. My Brewery studio WILL BE OPEN and staffed, but I will be in Pasadena with Pearl & Maude. I'm sorry to say this also means Marshall and I won't be having our usual patio party on Saturday. We'll make it up to you though! ...

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Wallpaper and pillows in reds pinks and peaches combine for a layered fall interior design look

Favorite Fall Patterns for the Home

Eva is a square, blue and grey art print. The design was inspired by Art Deco architecture.

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” – Henry David Thoreau

Ouch. I’m afraid Thoreau may have missed the boat on this one. Pumpkin season is my hands-down favorite season. Every season is my favorite season, but right now, for sure it’s Fall. Southern California has had a beautiful one too! It’s the stuff that apple cider dreams are made of. But sitting on a pumpkin rather than a velvet cushion surrounded by friends?!? Hard pass.

Unless we’re talking pumpkin colors, Henry. Give me all the oranges and browns and reds and bits of olive green! Throw in your pinks and your greys and a little of that clear sky blue. I’ve been dancing circles with these colors for the last couple weeks and they never cease to fill me with comforting thoughts.

One of the great benefits of doing regular, live events with your products (come find me at the legendary Rosebowl Flea Market, HH82) is the need to repeatedly set up your goods. Every time, it’s a little different. And as I’ve settled my soul into the changing seasons, I’ve discovered new combinations of Pearl & Maude patterns that spring to life in full harmony. I thought you might enjoy seeing two of my favorite fall pattern combinations.

turquoise and coral hand painted patio umbrella in the garden with trees and hanging lanterns

My First Hand Painted Patio Umbrella

the hand of the artist painting blue lines onto a canvas umbrella

~ My First Hand Painted Patio Umbrella ~

As my mind begins to turn to the promise of Spring, I start planning to make hand painted patio umbrellas.

This year, outdoor spaces and alfresco entertaining are more important than ever. My hand painted garden umbrellas add a festive quality to any outdoor space. (So start pondering that right now.) While digging through past projects a few days ago, I came across photos of my first painted umbrella. So today, I thought I’d share that story and some Pro Tips with you. (It hard to believe how far phone cameras have come since this umbrella was painted!)
hand embellished prints from Pearl and Maude

7 Things We Love this Winter – The Feature – November / December

the Feature November and December 2020

home • heritage • culture • leisure
– Pearl and Maude’s favorite things –


~ 7 Things We Love this Winter ~

In November/December’s Feature: “7 Things We Love this Winter” – florals for your late fall dinner table, hand embellished prints from the studio, an easy fall dinner, heirloom quality hand painted ornaments, our Charlie stripe (!), a family tradition and jewels we’ll have to learn to live without.

And don’t forget there are only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! Additionally, all shipping serviced expect higher than ordinary demand. So if you’re planning to send or receive shipments, get your orders in early.

Gorgeous fall floral arrangement

Home, Heritage, Culture and Leisure – The Feature – October 2020

October's Feature - Spooky Home Heritage Culture and Leisure

home • heritage • culture • leisure
– Pearl and Maude’s favorite things –

~ Home, Heritage, Culture and Leisure ~

In October’s Feature: spooky home decor for your Halloween night, 120-year-old footage from a flying train, the most gorgeous rotting fruit, Brewery Open Studios are on (!), new products from Pearl & Maude and more…

Don’t tell anyone (hi internet!), but I’m a spiritual soul. I sense that the barrier between “here” and “there” is thinnest in October and I revel in my proximity to the vast field of wisdom and energy which can sometimes feel difficult to tap into. This time of year, I’m comforted and invigorated all at once. Which is good because it’s bustling around here! Also, October has the best parties. (Even this year, albeit much, much smaller.) How will you be celebrating Halloween? May we make some recommendations for October’s home, heritage, culture and leisure?

spooky halloween dinner decor

Fall into Autumn Gracefully – The Feature – September 2020

September's Feature Header

~ Fall into Autumn Gracefully ~

Fall into Autumn gracefully – exactly what and how does one do that? Many cultures celebrate September, with its Autumn Equinox of equal lengths day and night, as a month of balance and meditation. The seasons shift whether you’re ready or not, so why not be ready with a quieting of the mind, a focus on comfort and the creation of personal rituals?

In September’s Feature: make a date to drift aimlessly in a hot tub with a view, see the golden hour in the dusty saturation of our Desert Diamonds wallpaper, harvest jewel-toned pomegranates for these recipes, find optimism in a sunset painting from Teale Hatheway, revel in an haute couture runway show in an ancient temple, hunker down with a terrific Impressionist art mini-series, escape to nowhere in a book of artificial architecture, and stirred, not shaken, please.

Stay warm while adventuring into fall: A wooden hot tub boat floats on a lake.