Custom Wallpaper and More

We take pleasure in offering bespoke services, including custom wallpaper, to our trade partners. Let's collaborate to tailor the look you envision!

When you live and breathe interior design, you know what you need to make a space work. Sometimes you need the pattern in a different scale. Sometimes you need to adjust the colors of your custom wallpaper. Or perhaps you need it on vinyl to withstand high traffic environments, pets and children.

Pearl & Maude specializes in custom wallpaper and other home decor accessories
Customize colors and scale of our wallpapers

As an art-based atelier, Pearl & Maude is poised to accommodate your needs on a job-by-job basis. We welcome our trade partners to contact us for custom wallpaper, custom fabric and other commissions which may be suitable for our specialties.

Send us some information about your vision and let’s bring it to life.

Teale Hatheway, founder of Pearl and Maude working on wallpaper in the studio