Custom Painted Patio Umbrellas

Like a life-size cocktail umbrella for your garden! These natural bamboo umbrellas add a little bohemian zip to your garden.

Announcing PINBALL: a New Op-Art Design for 2019!

Pearl and Maude’s hand painted bamboo umbrellas are inspired by the 52 festive tipis Teale painted for Coachella. This year, Pearl and Maude is introducing PINGPONG: an op-art design of off-set concentric circles, shifting from one vibrant color to a slightly darker different color. We are offering three designs on three umbrellas. Once you select your umbrella color and design, Teale will call you to discuss the paint palette that you prefer for your home or space. Every umbrella is unique and customized for your style!

This is a limited time offer!  I’ll be ordering the bamboo umbrellas on Friday, March 15th and they will be ready to ship in early May. So order soon. Please email to arrange international shipments.


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