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Weaving together art, architecture, and history to inspire unforgettable spaces…


Founded in 2018, Pearl & Maude is a boutique wallpaper and decorative arts design studio. Our goal is to help you create show-stopping personal spaces which express your unique personality. Our aesthetic is classic at its core, while it purposefully ushers traditional design over the threshold into contemporary exuberance.

How we do just that – a look into our process

Our artisan made-to-order wallpaper, fabric and home décor is the result of experimentation, attention to detail and having a good time. Pearl & Maude patterns are developed from the architectural paintings of our founder, Teale Hatheway.  Fragments of her original works are patiently rendered into rhythmic designs, each of which is carefully considered for its combination of originality and resemblance to something soulfully familiar. Published patterns are selected through a gut check followed by a spontaneous desire to throw a party.

About Teale – a Los Angeles based artist and designer who believes in the art of memory

I am a painter and installation artist transfixed by ideas of memory, experience and the soulful residue left behind as people inhabit, use and pass-through physical spaces. Known for my paintings and installations of architecture, street lights and ornamental details, my work contemplates the theory that we remember environments as compilations of elements with which we develop emotional or intellectual connections.

I believe in the power of decoration as a tool for self-expression. So it was only a matter of time before I dove into the world of design. I revel in creating lasting spaces of cultural integrity and an abundance of spirit. Pearl & Maude is my outlet for industrial design and collaboration.

Teale’s paintings are available through Pearl & Maude. To see a more extensive portfolio of Teale’s work, visit her artist website.

So who, then, are Pearl & Maude? Named for two of Teale’s great grandmothers, Pearl (the businesswoman) and Maude (the artisan and couturier) became neighbors and best friends. Through thick and thin, they kept the family optimistic, inspired, stylish and in business.

hand painting embellishments on a print

Giving Back – preserving memories for the future

Pearl and Maude’s mission to help you create memorable spaces wouldn’t mean much if we were not doing our part to preserve them too! We are passionate advocates of historic preservation efforts. By transforming older buildings into places we recognize and love, they become an irreplaceable component of our future. As a society, we are richer, wiser and stronger when historic structures remain.

Every verified customer review results in a donation to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization, working to save America’s historic places for future generations. So don’t forget to leave a review of your purchases!

Our Ethical Promise – a look at our products

All Pearl and Maude products are printed in the USA using high quality materials and manufacturers committed to healthy work environments, low waste processes and living wages and above for employees.

Our wallpapers and fabrics are digitally printed in the USA using eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based inks of the highest quality. Our papers are PVC and chemical-free. Our Grasscloth wallcovering is harvested from a sustainable crop of renewable fibers, air dried in the sun before being colored with water-based vegetable dyes and hand-woven. They are backed with chemical free Scandinavian papers and are VOC free and even biodegradable. We use ethically manufactured cloth grounds for our fabrics.

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The studio can be an echo chamber. Collaborative projects open up the space and time to dream and explore. We love collaborating with artists and designers to conjure environments, products and concepts. Have a great idea? Reach out and let’s make things happen! We are very proud of our collaborations with artists, events, festivals, fashion boutiques, restorationists and interior designers.


Teale’s work has been featured in the following publications:

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Pearl & Maude Believes…

…in artful living and joyful self expression.
…that the best memories are made in the places we love.
…that fun shouldn’t be sacrificed for sophistication… or vice versa.
…that quality products make for a quality experience.
…in colors! And the neutrals that make them sing.
…that protecting our historic architecture is our cultural responsibility.
…in martinis by the pool.