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manufacturer of wallpaper, fabric, home décor & publisher of patterns

Redefining the timeless spirit of West Coast Design:

where serenity and escapism meet vibrant creativity.

The Studio

Pearl & Maude is a boutique wallpaper, fabric and decorative arts design studio. We specialize in creating contemporary patterns that weave together art, architecture and history, from a decidedly West Coast perspective. Our aesthetic is classic but unconventional – ushering traditional design over the threshold into contemporary exuberance. We love knowing our original designs are unlike anything else available on the market.

We manufacture our wallpapers in house, but perhaps our most notable asset is an open-minded design process that welcomes customization inquiries for both residential and commercial projects.

We believe the heart of hospitality is at home and that your home is the foundation for your memories. We help you set the stage for your experiences and encourage you to express your distinctive design aesthetic, tailored to your deepest desires.

Pearl & Maude is a member of Women in Luxury Design, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

Teale Hatheway, founder and designer at Pearl & Maude Home, in the studio arranging her wallpaper designs
Photo: Elisabeth Young
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Pearl and Maude Creates Custom and Bespoke Wallpaper

A Look Into Our Process

Our artisan made-to-order wallpaper, fabric and home décor is the result of research, experimentation and having a good time. Pearl & Maude patterns are developed from the Los Angeles architectural heritage and street light paintings of our founder, Teale Hatheway. Selections of Teale’s original works are patiently rendered into rhythmic designs, each of which is carefully considered for its combination of originality and resemblance to something soulfully familiar. Published patterns are selected through a gut check followed by a spontaneous desire to throw a party.

All of our wallpapers are printed-to-order, in our design studio. All of our products are made and/or printed in the USA and align with our highest standards.


As a 5th generation Angeleno, and an artist focused on Los Angele’s heritage architecture, there’s no one more suited to claim she understands true California Design, than Teale. The truth is though, there’s no understanding California Design. It’s something that transmits into your soul through the sand between your toes; by inhaling the soft air or the pine trees, and letting the golden light twinkle in your eyes. California design is an amalgamation of everyone who has thrown their fears to the wind and gone WEST!

Over the generations, we have all brought with us the most inspiring parts of our cultures and shared them with each other in this remote cow-town-turned-surging-metropolis. Inspired by Southern California heritage and architecture, Teale reinterprets her paintings into bold and unique designs that reflect the variety of influences that have graced contemporary West Coast culture.


Gold Quotation Mark IconWhen I see your work, its uniqueness… my imagination wants to walk into your atmosphere. It’s a mirror into the California lifestyle but grounded by a history no one knows. ~ G.V.

Teale Hatheway painting in her large airy southern California studio
Photo: Elisabeth Young

About Teale – a painter obsessed with the art of memory

I am a painter and installation artist transfixed by ideas of memory, experience and the soulful residue left behind as people inhabit, use and pass-through physical spaces. Known for my paintings and installations of architecture, street lights and ornamental details, my work contemplates the theory that we remember environments as compilations of elements with which we develop emotional or intellectual connections.

I believe in the power of decoration as a tool for self-expression. So it was only a matter of time before I dove into the world of decorative design. I revel in creating lasting spaces of cultural integrity and an abundance of spirit. Thank you for exploring Pearl & Maude. I hope you enjoy this body of work as much as I do!

Teale’s paintings are available through Pearl & Maude. To see a more extensive portfolio of Teale’s work, visit her artist website.

So who, then, are Pearl & Maude? Named for two of Teale’s great grandmothers, Pearl (the businesswoman) and Maude (the artisan and couturier) became neighbors and best friends. Through thick and thin, they kept the family optimistic, inspired, stylish and in business.

And what exactly was going on in LA 5 generations ago? My great great grandfather, Jacob Miller arrived in Los Angeles and became the town’s first marble carver. His studio stood at the current location of Los Angeles City Hall. Looking to escape the hazards of marble dust, Jacob and his wife Dorothy, moved the family to the Hollywood Hills and settled Nichols Canyon as a ranch, importing and successfully growing Los Angeles’ first avocados, cherimoyas and persimmons.

Jacob Miller - Los Angeles' first marble carver, outside his shop, Pioneer Marble Works. Approximately 1870.

Giving Back – preserving memories for future generations

Pearl and Maude’s mission to help you create memorable spaces wouldn’t mean much if we were not doing our part to preserve them too! We are passionate advocates of historic preservation efforts. By maintaining or transforming older buildings into places we recognize and love, not only do we help protect the environment, we also make meaningful connections between our pasts and our futures. As a society, we are richer, wiser and stronger when historic structures remain.

Pearl & Maude donates a portion of sales to organizations actively working to preserve historic architecture.

Our Ethical Responsibility – a look at our products

All Pearl and Maude products are made and/or printed in the USA using the highest quality materials and manufacturers committed to healthy work environments, low waste processes and living wages and above for employees.

Our wallpapers are digitally printed in our Los Angeles design studio, using GREENGUARD Gold certified inks, which ensures the most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The ability to print on-demand also reduces excess inventory, contributing to a more sustainable business model. By embracing digital printing, Pearl & Maude prioritizes environmental responsibility without compromising on the quality and aesthetics of our wallpaper.


Collaborative projects open the imagination to compounded exploration. We love collaborating with artists and designers to conjure environments, products and concepts. Have a great idea? Reach out and let’s make things happen! We are very proud of our collaborations with artists, events, festivals, fashion boutiques, restorationists and interior designers.