The California Collection of wallpapers and fabrics by Pearl & Maude features earthy neutral patterns for contemporary interior design

The Californian Collection – Heritage Wallpapers and Fabrics from the West



The Californian Collection is a new collection of wallpaper and fabric representing the spirit of California Design and heritage. Here, we see our desert diamonds wallpaper in the colorway dust storm, installed in a beautiful, modern living room.

~ The Californian Collection ~

Welcome to New California Design.
It’s about heritage. It’s about time.


The Californian Collection is a series of original and unique wallpapers and fabrics, inspired by multi-generational California living, and designed for those who enjoy beautiful design infused with earthiness and authenticity.


From the whispering palms of Santa Monica and the iconic sandbox of Palm Springs to the timeless architectural charm of Pasadena, Southern California is a dance of historical grandeur and avant-garde spirit. In this radiant landscape where adobe missions kiss sunlit skies and modernist visions rise, a design narrative is waiting to be told. It’s a visual story rooted in history, self determination and the landscape.  It is with profound joy and anticipation that I introduce Pearl & Maude’s latest collection of unique wallpaper and fabric designs: The Californian Collection.

This new collection of unique wallpapers and fabrics is our ode to the past and a bold stride into the future of what authentic California design can and should be. It’s an invitation to blend the sophistication and whimsy of California’s storied legacy into the very fabric of your home. To infuse interiors with thoughtful reflections, playful patterns, and rich colors that speak of journeys traversed and memories yet to be made.

Room wallpapered in silver blue and cream colored trellis wallpaper. Design - Arachne by Pearl and Maude

Introducing a New Colorway: Arachne Silver Blue



Room wallpapered in silver blue and cream colored trellis wallpaper. Design - Arachne by Pearl and Maude

~ Introducing a New Trellis Wallpaper and Fabric ~

I am excited to present to you our latest wallpaper and fabric colorway:

Arachne in Silver Blue.


Arachne showcases a captivating trellis wallpaper and fabric pattern in shades of silver blue and cream. This design is available in both wallpaper and linen fabric options. The intricate pattern evokes the charm of a classic garden room motif, adorned with spiderwebs that transition gracefully from gray to teal. With its blend of sophistication and tradition, “Arachne” offers a contemporary twist to timeless design. The trellis pattern exudes an air of elegance, reminiscent of leisurely strolls through lush gardens on sunny days. Embrace the subtly warm, dewy-blue hue harmonizing with the grace of cream-colored trellis. This pattern weaves narratives of nature’s artistry and beauty.

Teale Hatheway, founder of Pearl and Maude working on wallpaper in the studio

Digital Printing Revolutionizes Wallpaper Craftsmanship



Teale Hatheway, founder of Pearl and Maude working on wallpaper in the studio

~ Digital Printing Revolutionizes Wallpaper Craftsmanship ~

The Artistry, Customization, and Environmental Responsibility of Digitally Printed Wallpapers


The use of digitally printed wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design industry. However, an established interior designer recently expressed her reluctance to embrace this modern technology, preferring traditional printing methods instead. As someone who values craftsmanship and traditional art forms, I understand her perspective. Nevertheless, this discussion prompted me to reflect on my own production process as a traditional craftsman and why I ultimately chose digital printing. My answer lies in three distinct characteristics of large-format digital printing: artistry, customization and a sense of environmental responsibility. These factors demonstrate why digitally printed wallpaper has become my preferred choice for producing Pearl & Maude wallpapers.

Harmonious Contrasts: Decorating with Red and Blue


Chiqui Woolworth, Annie Schlechter photo for Veranda


~ Harmonious Contrasts ~

Decorating with Red and Blue


In the realm of interior design, color choices hold the transformative power to create captivating spaces. Red and blue, two hues that stand on opposite ends of the spectrum, possess distinctive qualities that can shape the ambiance of a room. When utilized thoughtfully, these strong hues can create energetic interiors that capture the essence of sophistication.  In this edition, we explore what these colors mean emotionally and how they behave visually. Then, in celebration of July 4th , we’ll share three ways to decorate with red and blue together, uncovering the harmonious contrasts they create and the dynamic energy they bring to our living spaces.

hand embellished prints from Pearl and Maude

7 Things We Love this Winter – The Feature – November / December

the Feature November and December 2020

home • heritage • culture • leisure
– Pearl and Maude’s favorite things –

In November/December’s Feature: “7 Things We Love this Winter” – florals for your late fall dinner table, hand embellished prints from the studio, an easy fall dinner, heirloom quality hand painted ornaments, our Charlie stripe (!), a family tradition and jewels we’ll have to learn to live without.

And don’t forget there are only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! Additionally, all shipping serviced expect higher than ordinary demand. So if you’re planning to send or receive shipments, get your orders in early.

Gorgeous fall floral arrangement

Home, Heritage, Culture and Leisure – The Feature – October 2020

October's Feature - Spooky Home Heritage Culture and Leisure

home • heritage • culture • leisure
– Pearl and Maude’s favorite things –

In October’s Feature: spooky home decor for your Halloween night, 120-year-old footage from a flying train, the most gorgeous rotting fruit, Brewery Open Studios are on (!), new products from Pearl & Maude and more…

Don’t tell anyone (hi internet!), but I’m a spiritual soul. I sense that the barrier between “here” and “there” is thinnest in October and I revel in my proximity to the vast field of wisdom and energy which can sometimes feel difficult to tap into. This time of year, I’m comforted and invigorated all at once. Which is good because it’s bustling around here! Also, October has the best parties. (Even this year, albeit much, much smaller.) How will you be celebrating Halloween? May we make some recommendations for October’s home, heritage, culture and leisure?

spooky halloween dinner decor

Fall into Autumn Gracefully – The Feature – September 2020

September's Feature Header

Fall into Autumn gracefully – exactly what and how does one do that? Many cultures celebrate September, with its Autumn Equinox of equal lengths day and night, as a month of balance and meditation. The seasons shift whether you’re ready or not, so why not be ready with a quieting of the mind, a focus on comfort and the creation of personal rituals?

In September’s Feature: make a date to drift aimlessly in a hot tub with a view, see the golden hour in the dusty saturation of our Desert Diamonds wallpaper, harvest jewel-toned pomegranates for these recipes, find optimism in a sunset painting from Teale Hatheway, revel in an haute couture runway show in an ancient temple, hunker down with a terrific Impressionist art mini-series, escape to nowhere in a book of artificial architecture, and stirred, not shaken, please.

Stay warm while adventuring into fall: A wooden hot tub boat floats on a lake.

The Dog Days of Summer – The Feature – August 2020

August's Feature Header

The shadows are becoming *slightly* longer and the dog days of summer are upon us. *pant*  A capricious dance begins during the waning days of Summer: one partner drives you to surrender to the HEAT, whispering in your ear, “Slow down. Sway with me.” The other partner has you by the shoulders, “Grasp the last days of freedom until we go back to school!!! Back to work!” Take this moment to escape into the fleeting vibrance of Summer with us; before we slide straight into Autumn.

In August’s Feature: enjoy fanciful fish drawings of yore, cool off with blue and white patterns, a luxurious (and meta) glamping retreat, the ultimate outdoor lounge chair, art conceived to brighten spirits, a nostalgic American road trip in photographs, good news from our nation’s capital (for real!), and a spicy cocktail to beat the heat.


Colorful drawings of fanciful fish are pure summer inspiration

Colorful Summer Home – The Feature – July 2020

July's Feature Header


…from Pearl and Maude (the design studio) and Teale (the artist)

We’re BACK and we’ve missed you!!! It’s *interesting* around here, isn’t it? We’ve been working and thinking really, really hard lately, which has left little room for communication. Maybe it’s just as well because words seem to run a little thin these days. Never mind that. As we work to keep our heads screwed on straight, we know that our greatest joy is to bring you great joy and our mission is to inspire you and wrap you in the warm hug of culture, connection and self expression. We hope the following list of ideas for inspired living will feed your soul, crack your smile and remind you that your colorful summer home is a reflection of your vibrant personality, now more than ever. Read on, friends! xoxo

Coltrane home with the national trust of historic preservation

Colorful Home Zoom Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings

Are you like me and video conferencing on Zoom a lot?  Now that we are all working and socializing from home, it’s astounding how quickly the clutter takes over… and let’s be real: no one wants to see the messy bed or dirty dishes behind you. Pearl and Maude has you covered with these free, colorful home Zoom backgrounds for more inspirational meetings! I created six designs so you can have meetings from a different stylish room in “your house” nearly every day. I also created a range of moods because some meetings are all Wes Anderson, some meetings need a boss attitude, and some meetings are a bottle of wine with girlfriends. So inject some personality and magic into your video-conferences with these pretty virtual backgrounds. After all, we could each use a little fun, upbeat decadence these days. Don’t cha’ think?

Pearl and Maude x Teale Hatheway – Bohemian Poolside Lounge

Marrakech meets Palm Springs in Pearl and Maude’s cozy yet slick bohemian lounge. Sparkling reflections from the pool beckon you outdoors.
New wallpaper coming soon with Colorado Street Bridge Painting by Teale Hatheway