Pearl & Maude's booth at WestEdge Design Fair

A Heartfelt Thank You




Pearl & Maude's booth at WestEdge Design Fair~ Patterns of Success ~

A Heartfelt Thank You and Looking Forward to Sharing our Modern Wallpaper at the Palm Springs Modernism Show


Hello, amazing supporters! I’m Teale Hatheway, the artist and founder behind Pearl & Maude Home. Our journey has been a blend of art, heritage, and your invaluable support, creating unique wallpapers and fabrics that tell a story. Today, I’m thrilled to share our recent triumphs and exciting future plans, all made possible by your unwavering support.

Celebrating Our Success at WestEdge Design Fair

Our recent showcase at the WestEdge Design Fair was a significant milestone. Thanks to your support, our Californian Collection was a hit! The booth, a canvas of our creativity, resonated with the audience, and the connections we made were invaluable. Your belief in our vision of blending art, architecture, and history into contemporary patterns was palpable in every interaction.

The Journey Continues: Palm Springs Modernism Show

Riding on the wave of WestEdge’s success, we’re already gearing up for our next showcase at the Palm Springs Modernism Show, February 16-19. This event is a perfect match for our aesthetic – a blend of classic and unconventional, where traditional design meets contemporary exuberance. As we prepare for Palm Springs Modernism, we’re filled with anticipation. This is an opportunity to continue our journey in design, bringing new ideas and inspirations to life. What aspects of California’s modernist heritage would you love to see reflected in our upcoming designs?

Reflecting on Your Impact and Engaging with Our Community

Your have been the bedrock of Pearl & Maude’s journey. Our story is far from just about us; it’s about a community that loves unique, meaningful design. Your feedback, choices, and enthusiasm are what shape our path. Each product we create is imbued with our shared dreams and values. Every artisan wallpaper roll and meticulously crafted decor item is a testament to your belief in our mission. What colors are inspiring you these days?

A Sincere Thank You

From the depths of my heart, thank you. You’ve been more than supporters; you’ve been partners in Pearl & Maude’s creative odyssey. Your encouragement and engagement have made our successes sweeter and our journey richer.

Stay Connected for More

Our story is continuously unfolding, and there’s much more on the horizon. To be a part of this exciting journey, follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and keep an eye out for our updates. We can’t wait to share our next chapter with you at the Palm Springs Modernism Show and beyond.

With immense gratitude and anticipation,

Teale Hatheway


Pearl & Maude’s Incredible Kickstarter Supporters Include:


3 Guys Dressed Like Clowns
Alexi Miller
Alissa W
Amani Loutfy
Andrea Campognone
Anne Gifford Ewing
Annette Silva
Aryn John Freysteinson
Audrey Wood
Becky Emburey
Bill Cantos
Charlotte Gesten
Cindy Schwarzstein
Claudia Endler
Dale Youngman
Dave Lefner
Derek Doublin
Eloise & John Eric
Emily Rankin
Ferrell Marshall
Ffaelan & Debra Condragh
Francine Natale
Gwyn R. Fisher
Hilary Hahn
Janet T Planet
jason savvy
Jennifer Weilbach
Jess Bressler
JJ Moore
John H Pryor
Julie O’Sullivan
Kasey McMahon
Kate Hoffman
Katherine Lewis
Krista Everage
Lisa TenEyck
Mari Cantos
Melanie Raffaelli
Michelle Noble McCain
Ramanda Cole Zaia
Regina Anderson
Ronda Wang
Ryan Timmreck
Sandy the best cousin ever!!!! (Other awesome cousins – she told me to write this! :o))
SheSpoke Studio & Dirty Girl Construction
Stacia Goodloe
Stephen Franklin
Tania Van Herle

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