Teale overlooking historic Downtown Los Angeles

Introducing the Pearl & Maude Design Studio

Teale overlooking historic Downtown Los Angeles

photo: EMS

~ Introducing the Pearl & Maude Design Studio ~


Hi. My name is Teale, and I am the Pearl & Maude Design Studio. I am a Los Angeles based fine art painter and installation artist who is obsessed with classical design, historic architecture, color and interior design. I’ve been showing and selling my work in museums and galleries for about six years. I love the art world and the seriousness with which we approach our processes and concepts. I am also a firm believer that joy brings joy and the weight of the world is more easily carried by a focus on beauty, wisdom and generosity.

Being an artist from Los Angeles, you may wonder how I could know anything about historic architecture. The stereotype that LA has no history is changing, but for most of my life, Los Angeles has been known as the blank canvas upon which people re-invent themselves: leave their history behind. Not me! As a fifth generation Angeleno, born and raised in Pasadena, the LA area IS my history. From our long-gone family farm in the Hollywood Hills to the Brock and Company Jewelry Building where my grandparents romantically met over an alarming case of cyanide poisoning, Los Angeles is filled with stories of my heritage.

The artistry of the remaining buildings where these events transpired makes the stories more tangible. Elements such as vaulted ceilings, Art Deco sculptures and Moroccan tiles provide powerful anchors to memories that transcend generations. I have a spiritual connection to the world around me through its beautiful textures, colors and structures.


Jacob Miller Farm Hollywood Hills 1870s

Great, great grandfather Jacob Miller’s ranch at Nichols Canyon and what would become Hollywood Boulevard. 1870s


As we seek to house a rapidly growing urban population, things around Southern California have been changing. It seems every block has a new, four story, international style box of apartments. Facades are intermittently set back and painted different colors resulting in a faux-urban fabric. On the interiors, floors are indistinguishable from each other, resulting in a surreal feeling of always being lost. Of significant note, this trend is not specific to Southern California. US cities and towns and homes are coming to lose their unique characters. One neighborhood at a time, they are becoming indistinguishable from each other.  Simultaneously, studies show a quickly growing interest in preserving our architectural heritage and that people naturally gravitate to historic districts. Herein lies the beauty, wisdom and generosity on which we, at Pearl and Maude focus. We are here to help create memorable spaces and places.


Arabella undulating stripe linen fabric is a sophisticated and playful pattern in strong colors.


The Pearl and Maude design studio was born from my obsession with place-making and style. Interpreting space is my super-power, color is my secret weapon, texture and layers are my favorite tools, and lighting is almost everything else. Turning my contemporary classicist paintings into rhythmic, new traditional patterns for home, fashion and lifestyle is my way of bringing the beauty of heritage design into daily life. If we will live in plain, functional buildings, let us fill them with inspired forms and features.  If we live in historic structures, let’s update them with contemporary riffs on traditional motifs. Bring beauty, craftsmanship and joy into your surroundings. Create new memories that last generations.

We are here to create memorable spaces and places

We at Pearl & Maude (which is currently just me) invite you to join us on our journey to reveal the true value of beauty. To do this, we are launching our VIP Collectors’ Circle as a way to support our search for the highest quality American-made products. Our mission is to help you express your unique style while supporting organizations working to protect our historic buildings. Pearl and Maude donates 10% of all proceeds from Collectors’ Circle to a charity working to save our history.

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