“Meander” – Coral Cream Abstract Architectural Painting

by Teale Hatheway

Coral, sepia, cream – acrylic and 24K gold on raw canvas.

24×18. 2022.


“This vertical abstract architectural painting invites us into a captivating exploration of life’s enduring essence, the flow of energy, and the boundless realm of beauty. Within this ongoing series, the narrative has evolved, embracing a seamless interplay between the tangible aspects of my subject and the profound spiritual connection it embodies.

Here, layers of translucent stain painting meld with expressive brushwork, boasting a palette of sumptuous, vibrant hues harmonizing with muted sepia-toned linework. The canvas, a raw and textural backdrop, bears witness to this artistic journey. And, like a hidden treasure, accents of radiant 24K gold punctuate the composition, creating a captivating dance between the immediate and the eternal—a celebration imbued with deep reverence.

In this series of paintings, we discover an instinctual story that speaks to the heart, weaving together the threads of life’s enduring beauty and profound connection with the world around us.” – Teale Hatheway

To read more about this series There is Here, and the writing linking each title, meander through the story here.

The scale of these paintings is intimate but not small. They bring expansive life to quiet spaces and can be experienced at close range. Hang these paintings in a place where each time you pass by, you are reminded to open yourself to the wisdom of the ages – of which you are already part.

Each painting is professionally mounted in a gold floating frame which accentuates the genuine gold in the artwork and contrasts beautifully with the qualities of the raw canvas. Your artwork will arrive beautifully packaged, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, proving your artwork’s origin, quality, and value.

Processing time is approximately one week.


Teale Hatheway is a Los Angeles based artist known for her paintings and installations of architecture, street lights and ornamental details. Her work contemplates ideas of memory, experience and the soulful residue left behind as people inhabit, use and pass-through physical spaces. Visit artist’s portfolio site here.



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“Meander” by Teale Hatheway is an abstract architectural painting in cream, coral peach and 24K gold. More of Teale’s architectural artworks can be found on her website.


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