“Dancing Light in Quiet Space” Expressionist Street Light Painting in Blue



Acrylic, metal leaf on paper.

12” x 12”. 2020.

The person who sent me this light said something to the effect of, “I don’t think this is the kind of pretty light you’re looking for, but you asked. So here is the light over my parking lot.”

What’s not to love about this light? There’s something so real and relatable to purely functional lights. I feel young and a little rebellious thinking about hanging out beneath these lights in dark parking lots or in alleys. These are the “pass through” spaces. The places where conversations finish before departing. The places which greet us when we come home and the places which remain when we leave.

The work is 12”x12” on heavyweight, vellum-surface paper. Signed front. Signed and dated on back. This work is framed behind glass in a matte gold, metal frame.


Teale Hatheway is a Los Angeles based artist known for her paintings and installations of architecture, street lights and ornamental details. Her work contemplates ideas of memory, experience and the soulful residue left behind as people inhabit, use and pass-through physical spaces. Visit artist’s portfolio site here.



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“Dancing Light in Quiet Spaces,” by Teale Hatheway is an expressionist street light painting in blue. More of Teale’s architectural artworks can be found on her website.


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