Digital Rendering


Visualizing how a pattern will look in your space is tough! Samples are helpful, but they have limitations, especially when it comes to large scale and scope. We get it! We’ve been there. And we have a solution.

Digital renderings, representing how a pattern will look in your room are, in our opinion, the best companion tool, paired with physical samples for color. Email us a decent, well lit photo of your room (you can use your phone for this) and we’ll return to you a representation of what our patterns will look like in your home. Mockups remove the guess-work from the equation, letting you see your idea before you commit to it.

Price is for one image with up to three patterns. Please enter a note of your chosen patterns at checkout. Email us a couple images of your room, and we’ll choose the best.


Disclaimer: this is a visualization tool only. We try to accurately represent reality through scale and color, but without architectural drawings and professional photography, we’re really just roughing in the idea of what our designs will look like in your space. Please do not rely on these images for ordering quantity or installation accuracy.

These mockups are provided as a service and are exempt from sales tax.

Design services are non-refundable.

Lead time: 7 business days or less


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