How to Easily and Reliably Estimate Wallpaper

~ How to Easily and Reliably Estimate Wallpaper ~

How much wallpaper do I need? That’s a great question! And it isn’t TOO hard to figure out.

calculating wallpaper with a repeat pattern

One solid search on the internet for “wallpaper calculator” will turn up a bunch of results for automated engines that will crunch the numbers for you. How handy! Below, you’ll find our preferred calculator.

I’ll admit, though: I don’t always trust someone else’s code when I’m trying to figure out how much wallpaper I need for a project. I really prefer pencil, paper and a calculator, but that method isn’t the easiest. My advice is to use the calculator below, and then you’ll have all the info you need to double-check the result by hand (the instructions for which are below the calculator). Or even better, hire a professional to help you!