How to Easily and Reliably Estimate Wallpaper

UPDATE: I’m told this method is not actually easy. Ha! Sorry about that. But it is ACCURATE. So take a deep breath and follow the steps. I like this method. But if it makes your eyes roll back in your head, try this plug and play from York wallpaper.

How much wallpaper do I need? That’s a great question! And it isn’t hard to figure out.

One solid search on the internet for “wallpaper calculator” will turn up a bunch of results for automated engines that will crunch the numbers for you. How handy! But I’ll admit that I don’t trust someone else’s code when I’m trying to figure out how much wallpaper I need for a project. PARTICULARLY when that wallpaper has a repeat pattern, which is most of the time. I really prefer pencil, paper and a calculator.