Pearl and Maude

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Pearl and Maude Founder Teale Hatheway
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Welcome, friend.

Do you fondly recall the layered patterns of your grandmother’s guest bedroom or the shape of the entry door knob to your childhood home? Or maybe it was the wall treatment at the new joint where you met the girls for a cocktail last week. The one you can’t stop thinking about. Now it is your time to create these memories for others. (But these are not your grandma’s florals!) Imagine being remembered for your unique and sophisticated style. Infusing your environment with vibrant, confident and joyful design will leave your family, friends, customers and clients feeling exactly that way about you. Strategically layering color and pattern into your interiors (and exteriors!) effortlessly boosts your glam factor. Sophisticated, colorful and contemporary spaces are possible. And we can help you make them.

We’re on a mission to help you live more vibrantly. Pearl and Maude creates modern wallcoverings and textiles that are just traditional enough to be everlasting in style. We beautifully mesh contemporary fine art techniques with high quality home décor products to assure you are making a lasting impression on the people you care about most.

Who We Are

Pearl and Maude is a decorative arts and surface design studio based in Los Angeles. Founded by contemporary painter, installation artist and designer Teale Hatheway, Pearl and Maude focuses on fabrics, wallpaper and home décor designs derived from the artist’s abstract architectural paintings.

Teale’s infatuation with interior design, experiential design, fashion and color led her to experiment with digital images of her paintings in pursuit of compelling designs that infuse tradition with modern oomph. Informed by her professional background in contract manufacturing, Teale turned her paintings into repeatable patterns for textiles and wall coverings and set out to discover her US based production partners. In Pearl and Maude, Teale found a commercial avenue to indulge her love of placemaking. Pearl and Maude exists to create beautiful, artful environments with personality. We add a contemporary voice to traditional design with our playful, vibrant and sophisticated flair.

Named for two of Teale’s great grandmothers, Pearl (the businesswoman) and Maude (the artisan and couturier) became neighbors and best friends. Through thick and thin, they kept the family optimistic, inspired, stylish and in business.

Who We Serve

Pearl and Maude works with residential and hospitality interior designers, experience designers and private clients.  With over 20 years of experience in the interior, stage, art and event fields, we produce vibrant and sophisticated patterns, backdrops and textiles to make your projects unforgettable. We also provide services for color consultations, lighting design, and concept to completion creative placemaking.


…in artful living.
…that the best memories are made in the places we love.
…that fun shouldn’t be sacrificed for sophistication… or vice versa.
…that quality products make for a quality life.
…in colors! And the neutrals that make them sing.
…we are our history but we determine our destiny.
…that protecting our historic architecture is our cultural responsibility.

…in martinis by the pool.